Porsche 968 Custom Gear Sets
Porsche 968 Custom Gear Sets
Optimize your car's drive-train by tuning your gearbox with custom ratio gear sets. Many different ratios available for 968 transaxles.

Get great starts off the line, and utilize the full top-end speed of your engine, by tailoring your car's powerband to fit your personal driving style or the conditions of a specific course.

Select the desired gear combinations from the list below. If you need guidance or assistance, please contact us for a consultation.

Part #: POR-trans-gear-968
Condition: New
Fits the following:968

First Gear

 11:35 (ratio 3.182:1)

Second Gear

 20:40 (ratio 2.000:1)

Third Gear

 19:29 (ratio 1.526:1)

Fourth Gear

 22:27 (ratio 1.227:1)

Fifth Gear

 25:27 (ratio 1.080:1)
 24:25 (ratio 1.042:1)
 25:24 (ratio 0.960:1)
 28:25 (ratio 0.893:1)

Sixth Gear

 27:26 (ratio 0.963:1)
 28:25 (ratio 0.893:1)


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