Porsche Joest 935J 009-001

Vehicle Details

Year: 1980
Make: Porsche
Model: 935
Chassis #: 009-001
Exterior Color: Liquimoly Livery
Interior Color: Black
Work completed on 009-0001:

Remove bodywork, Inspect car, Nut and Bolt, Remove valve covers, Check valve lash, Remove oil filter housing, Clean oil filter, Replace O-rings behind Oil filter console, Remove tube in oil hole, Install oil filter console.

Adjust exhaust valve lash, Replace valve cover gaskets, install valve covers, Clean bottom of motor, Remove stove pipe from fan.

Check out fuel pumps, Install bodywork, Fill new oil, Run car.

Leak Down Check 935, R&R Valve Covers, Find Boost Hose Leak, Check Boost Regulator-Set Zero Point, Misc. Prep.

Fix Boost Hose, Check RSR Spark Plug Connectors, Check Brake Rotors, Misc. Prep.

Rebuilt the wastegates, built custom wastegate guides.