Porsche Carrera GTS - Chassis 906-002

Vehicle Details

Make: Porsche
Model: Carrera GTS ( 904-6 )
Chassis #: 906-002
Exterior Color: Silver
Interior Color: Black
Engine: 2.0L 901 6cyl

1964 : Porsche Werke - 1966 : Michael Weber of Offenbach - 1968 : Berny Barns, US Air Force MAjor, Pirmasens - 1970 : Harro Schneider - 1979 Herren Löhr & Becker - 1987 : Dr Tang of Bonn - 1999 : Lara Resende, Brazil.
Being factory car N° 906-002, this was the second of very few original, factory built 904s fitted with the new 901 type 6 cylinder engine of a 2 liter displacement.
As a factory car, in December 1964 it underwent a testing program in Monza, where several solex carburetor tests were conducted with H. Linge, against 906 001, fitted with Weber carburetors.
Tire tests were also conducted.

Michael Weber, the next owner, a hillclimb driver, is featured in an article in Autosport magazine, dated Sept. 24, 1965 as having won a round of the european Hillclimb Championship in Gaisberg, Austria, with a 904 GTS.
in 1980 FIA papers declare that the car was used for historic racing. Dr Tang participated in several historic racing events, such as the 1985, 1986 & 1988 “Oltimer Grand Prix”.
André Lara Resende competed in the April 1999 “Tour Auto” historic rally in France (competition category).

2002 : restored, Le Mans classic.

Restoration : Body work was exceptionally original. Rust in the stamped steel chassis was minimal, and the basic structure was very straight. The fiberglass was redone only as necessary to clean up years of racing wear and tear. The car was finished in dark green. A modern roll cage of chrome molybdenum steel was buit and installed for safety. The fender flares were removed, bringing the car to its original factory specification bodywork. The upholstery was redone in original type blue german cloth. Mechanically, everything was inspected, cleaned and rebuilt where applicable, and the original open megaphone-exhausts re-installed for racing.