1974 Carrera 0063

Vehicle Details

Year: 1974
Make: Porsche
Model: 911 Carrera
Chassis #: 9114400063
Exterior Color: Lime Green
Interior Color: Cork
Engine: 2.7L
Transmission: 5sp
Carrera 0063 was brought to us in a rolling, freshly painted and partially assembled state. The bodywork, paint work and suspension refurbishing were all done by Freddie Hernandez. Once Freddie had completed his portion of the restoration, the car then went to a local interior shop, and then came to us for the mechanical restoration and assembly.

Here is a list of the tasks we performed:

  • Remove Flywheel and re-surface - Install New Clutch

  • Install Motor and Gearbox

  • Install Muffler

  • Install New Axles

  • Install Brake Hoses and Lines - Bleed Brakes

  • Install Front and Rear Sway with New Hardware

  • Refinish Horns to Factory Look

  • Refinish Oil Tank

  • Finish and Install Oil Cooling System

  • Remove Rocker Panels, Front Valance and bumper extension

  • Refinish Electrical Panel

  • Remove Alarm System

  • Clean Fuel Tank and Fuel Lines - Install Fuel Pump and New Fuel Hoses

  • Paint Brake Rotors

  • Refinish Starter

  • Refinish Coil

  • R&R Rear Shocks - Fix Bushings

  • Refinish Fuel Pump Mount

  • Weld and Refinish Tow Hooks

  • Align Car with Euro Ride Height and Corner Balance

  • Clean Up unused wires and repair frayed or broken wiring

  • Run Car - Set Timing