1976 Porsche Whittington 935

Vehicle Details

Year: 1976
Make: Porsche
Model: 935
Chassis #: 930 670 0152
Exterior Color: Yellow Road Atlanta Livery
Interior Color: Black
Engine: 3.0L Twin-Turbo Flat 6-Cylinder
Transmission: 4-Speed


$685,000 USD




The 935 is the ultimate development of the 911/930-based Porsche racing car. Iconic, hugely capable, and extremely successful, the 935 is among Porsche’s greatest racing cars. The 935 first appeared in 1976 to compete in Group 5 of the World Championship of Makes, but the cars dominated in a wide variety of events, including IMSA and Trans-Am. While the 934 was based on the roadgoing 930 with relatively tame alterations (“relatively” being an important word since the 934 still managed over 200hp more than the street-trimmed 930), the 935 featured extensive modifications to the body, chassis, driveline, and engine. The cars were continuously, creatively, and extensively developed in accordance with annual FIA rule changes, and certainly one of the 935’s finest hours was at Le Mans in 1979, when a 935 K3 won outright. Through careful interpretation of the FIA rules, Porsche removed the headlight nacelles altogether to provide reduced drag and improved downforce, thus creating the signature flachbau (or “flatnose”) look, which would be replicated by tuners and Porsche alike on street cars during the 1980’s.

This particular car was sold new via Vasek Polak to Paul Miller who raced the car in Trans-Am and IMSA in 934 trim. Its second owner, Mike Tillson, ran the car in 1977, before selling the car to the Whittington Brothers (who owned Road Atlanta) who raced the car from 1978 to 1981. They updated the car to 935 specifications in 1977, including bodywork and twin-turbocharged engine, and fitted the car with 935 K3 bodywork in 1980.

9 May: Pocono TA, Miller, #36, 6th
10 July: Watkins Glen 6 Hours WCM, Miller/Miller #36 13th OA
29 Aug: Mid-Ohio 6 Hours IMSA, Miller/Minter 20th
19 Sep: Road Atlanta 1000km IMSA, Miller/Minter 5th

9 July: Watkins Glen 6 Hours WCM, Tillson/Forbes-Robinson #94, DNF (engine mount)

1978 IMSA Championship Races
18 Mar: Sebring 12 Hours, Whittington/Boy #93 24th
16 April: Road Atlanta, D. Whittington #93 7th
30 April: Laguna Seca, D. Whittington #93 24th OA
7 May: Hallett, B. Whittington #93 4th OA
29 May: Lime Rock, D. Whittington #93 4th OA
18 June: Brainerd, B. Whittington #93 3rd OA
2-4 July: Daytona Paul Revere 250, Whittington/Whittington, #93 3rd OA
30 July: Sears Point, D. Whittington #93 2nd OA
6 Aug: Portland GI Joe’s GP, D. Whittington #93 10th OA
27 Aug: Mid-Ohio, D. Whittington #93 10th OA
4 Sept: Road Atlanta, D. Whittington #93 2nd OA
26 Nov: Daytona Finale, D. Whittington #93 13th OA

1979 (running with engine 698 0034)
8 April: Road Atlanta, D. Whittington #93 3rd
29 April: Laguna Seca, D. Whittington #93 4th
13 May: Hallett, D. Whittington #93 3rd
28 May: Lime Rock, D. Whittington #93 12th
17 June: Brainerd, D. Whittington #93 29th
4 July: Daytona, Whittington/Whittington #93 14th
29 July: Sears Point, D. Whittington #93 23rd

13 April: Road Atlanta, D. Whittington #94 4th
27 April: Riverside, D. Whittington/Chandler #94 4th

31 Jan-1 Feb: Daytona 24 Hours, Whittington/Whittington/Whittington #94 57th
21 March: Sebring 12 Hours, Whittington/Whittington/Whittington #94 43rd

Kevin Jeannette acquired the car in 1988, and performed a light restoration prior to selling the car to Paul Reisman in 1989. Reisman raced the car in HSR events until 2000, when he traded the car for an ex-Peter Gregg car. The car’s current owner has used it in a number of races and had a comprehensive restoration performed at a cost of over $300,000, which was completed in August of 2009. The restoration included nearly every significant component and system of the car, including full engine rebuild, gearbox, brakes, suspension, wheels, bodywork, and electrical system. The safety systems were renewed as well, and the chassis, bodywork, and roll cage were also restored. The fuel cell was also replaced. The engine was built by Bernie Buschen and dynoed by Jerry Woods. The car has been run once since completion, at the Monterey Historics in 2009, where it proved to be 3 seconds faster than it was when last run there by the same driver. The engine runs at 1.3 actual bar with shifts at 7200rpm, a relatively conservative setup for this car. The car has a recent FIA passport, already paid for and en route, as well as a Historic Technical Passport.

The car is in excellent freshly-restored cosmetic condition following its recent comprehensive restoration. The car’s period Whittington Brothers livery has been faithfully recreated. The bodywork, glazing and lights are outstanding and like new, as are the wheels. The interior is spotless and beautifully prepared, as are the engine and front compartment.

The car comes with a number of spares including the non-K3 935 bodywork and the original seat, as well as a disassembled engine, number 6980031, which was previously in the car. The car also comes with a stack of magazines and magazine articles in which the car was featured.

BREMBO seal kit A38
BREMBO seal kit A42
Wheel hub (2)
SUPER BLUE RACING brake fluid (1 can)
Front brake pistons (4)
Body pins (2)
Wheel Spacers (2)
Wheel nut
Door latch screws
Fire bottle pin
Water pump
Air jack regulator
PORTERFIELD brake pads (3 sets)
Preload shim (1)
Miscellaneous spark plugs
Oil pressure gauges (2)
Ball joints (2)
Miscellaneous Relays
Turbos (2)
Engine block
Pistons and cylinders
32/21 Gear set
Steel half shaft yoke
¾ gallon of yellow base coat paint
Right front spindle
Left front spindle
Glass quarter window (2)
Lexan quarter window (2)
Wheel fans (2)
Oil cooler core
Wheel fan stickers
RR trailing arm (broken)
Window net
Front titanium springs (2)
Rear titanium springs (2)
Wiper motor
Vent duct
Fire bottle

This is an exceptional opportunity to acquire a 935 that is outstanding in terms of both its history and condition. With minimal use since a no-expense spared restoration, the car is both cosmetically excellent and ready for track use. It is a well-known car with excellent documentation and plenty of period competition history, as well as a comprehensive spares package.