1980 Porsche Brumos 935

Vehicle Details

Year: 1980
Make: Porsche
Model: 935
Chassis #: 000 0028
Exterior Color: White #59 Brumos Livery
Interior Color: Black


$650,000 USD




The car is in brand-new condition after a 3-year restoration done by Jack Attkinson and another mechanic who worked on the car when Peter Greg owned it. The car has a brand new dyno-time-only Dick Elrude motor. The cosmetic details were done by Dave Brown. Many notable drivers have piloted this car, including Leven, Haywood and Holbert.


Built up by Jack Atkinson of Brumos with factory-supplied bodyshell, six inches wider front track, “Moby Dick”-type nose, 935/77 bodywork and air-to-air intercooler. It was delivered to Peter Gregg in 1980 and, in December, tested by him at Daytona. Not raced.

In late 1981, after his other 935 had been burnt out at Sears Point, it was sold to Bruce Leven who, with Hurley Haywood, raced it until 1984.

13/9: Road Atlanta: Leven/Haywood, #86; 19th NR.
27/9: Pocono: Leven/Haywood, #86; 6th.
29/11: Daytona: Haywood, #86; 3rd.

30-31/1: Daytona 24-Hours: Leven/Haywood/Holbert, #86; 13th.
20/3: Sebring 12-Hours: Leven/Haywood/Holbert, #86; 4th.
01/8: Portland: Haywood, #85; 21st. NR.

5-6/6: Daytona 24-Hours: Leven/Haywood/Holbert, #86; 16th.
19/3: Sebring 12-Hours: Haywood/Holbert, #86; 3rd.

4-5/2: Daytona 24-Hours: Leven/Haywood/Holbert, #86; 4th.
24/3: Sebring 12-Hours: Ballot-Lena/Haywood/Holbert, #86; 44th. NR.
Sold to a Toyota dealer in Chicago. Two races in 1984.

1986: Sold to Dennis de Franceski.

1999: Sold to Phil Bagley.

03/6: Exchanged for 934, uprated to 935, chassis number 930 670 0152 at Watkins Glen HSR meeting.