1987 Porsche 962-106B

Vehicle Details

Year: 1987
Make: Porsche
Model: 962
Chassis #: 106B
Exterior Color: Nisseki Racing Livery
Interior Color: Black
Engine: 3.2 Liter Twin Turbo Flat 6 Cylinder
Transmission: 5 speed


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The 962-106B offered here hails from the heritage of Richard Lloyd Racing with the monocoque designed by Nigel Stroud. Modified in 1987 and 1988, the model’s chassis featured noticeable differences from its factory brethren including a complete redesign of the rear, such as the rear wing no longer being part of the long tail bodywork covering the sides of the rear wheels. Further modifications were made to the front as well – the fenders and nose were rounded off, front brake cooling ducts were relocated towards the center of the car, smaller headlights were included, the central gap on the bottom of the nose was filled in and an extended splitter was added to aid front downforce.

The 962-106B chassis was first raced in 1987 by RLR but the car crashed in 1988 and changed monocoque. As a result, there are two 962-106Bs currently in existence – one crashed and out of commission, the other raced by Nisseki Trust Team in JSPC, continuing the career of the crashed car. The car offered here is presented in the configuration as it last competed in the 1991 Japan Sports Prototype Championship.

This car contains the replacement chassis for the car crashed in 1988. The 4V water cooled 3.2 twin turbo motor was rebuilt by Andial in period. According to the records from the trust team, the engine has over 4,000 km left on its rebuild schedule. All suspension parts are from the original RLR 962GTi-106B, the front body and rear body are both RLR Trust parts.

The following race history is attributable to this chassis which retains the VIN plate of the original RLR 962GTi-106B:

1989 FIA WSPC 4/9 Suzuka 13th RLR TRUST NISSEKI
1989 JSPC 4/30 Fuji 2nd TRUST NISSEKI
1989 JSPC 7/23 Fuji 2nd TRUST NISSEKI
1989 JSPC 10/8 Fuji 2nd TRUST NISSEKI
1989 JSPC 12/3 Suzuka 5th TRUST NISSEKI
1990 JSPC 3/11 Fuji 3rd TRUST NISSEKI
1991 JSPC 5/5 Fuji 4th TRUST NISSEKI
1991 JSPC 7/21 Fuji 5th TRUST NISSEKI
1991 JSPC 8/25 Suzuka 5th TRUST NISSEKI
1991 JSPC 9/15 Sugo 4th TRUST NISSEKI
1991 JSPC 10/6 Fuji 5th TRUST NISSEKI
1991 FIA WSPC 10/27 Autopolis 8th COURAGE TRUST NISSEKI
1991 JSPC 11/3 Sugo 7th TRUST NISSEKI

The car was retired in 1991 and placed in storage with the original patina from its days as a front line racing car and acquired by Jun Harada, a Japanese collector. In turn, the NTR 962-106B was acquired in August of 2012 from Jun by its current owner and arrived at Retro Sport in October 2012.

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