Refurbishment & Restoration

We specialize in 962, 959 and 911-based cars, however, in addition to the models we more commonly work with, we offer any level of restoration and refurbishment for any classic Porsche, be it prototype, factory race car, rally car, or street car.

As is often the case with collectable cars and race cars, heavy use (or abuse) can be followed by lengthy periods of storage. Both of these extremes require careful levels of preparation and maintenance. We concern ourselves with keeping our client cars ready for use when needed and prepped for storage if necessary.

We are expert in bringing older cars that have seen hard miles, or that have been stored for long periods of time, back to their original, or often better-than-original condition. If you have a car in need of a little refurbishment, or even a car that requires a complete tip-to-tail rebuild, give us a call. No job is too large.

Click here to see our recent restoration projects.

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